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Season's Greetings!

   a card for CHRISTMAS
Nativity scene painted by Kouseki Kimiko for the Vatican City Christmas postage stamp issue of 1964 A JOYOUS CHRISTMAS SEASON!

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Christmas 1945, at Urakami Cathedral, Nagasaki.
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Views: then (1, 2, 3)
and now (1, 2, 3).
This Nativity scene was painted for Vatican City's Christmas postage stamp issue of 1964.
The artist's name is Ko(u)seki Kimiko.

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(Japanese text of this version)
  and a nengajou (kanji: nengajou) for the New Year
 1950s card-size print: Yasaka Pagoda, Gion district, Kyoto, at New Year    April, 1997 view of Yasaka Pagoda, Kyoto The small (8.5 x 13 cm) print (far left) was made in the 1950s. It shows a street of Gion district, Kyoto, under winter snow. The view is toward Yasaka Pagoda, with traditional New Year motifs: pine decorations (kadomatsu) by the gate, girls in kimono playing badminton with batttledore (hagoita) and shuttlecock (hane), boys flying kites. Plus a snowman (yukidaruma). Compare a present-day view farther to the south (near left).
;  'Greetings upon the New Year: Reiwa Year 5'  from Kurisu     ;  2023 - Year of the Rabbit Welcome the Year of the Rabbit in year 5 of the Reiwa era / 2023! The New Year greeting in the left-hand image is blown on the breeze pushing the takarabune ship of good fortune, ridden by the seven divinities of good luck (the shichifukujin). (Click on the image for full view.) The right-hand figure of a rabbit is found at Jishu Shrine, up the steps behind Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto. The shrine honors (among others) the god Oo-kuni-nushi-no-mikoto as the god of marriage. The signboard summarizes the ancient story of how he healed the trickster rabbit who had first been skinned, then been tricked again by the other gods. In gratitude, the rabbit foretold his marriage. According to a later note, "now it is called the rabbit god [usagi-gami]." (See Donald L. Philippi, trans., Kojiki, University of Tokyo Press, 1968, reprint 2002, chapter 21, and pages 406-407, 543; photo, 7 August 1997.) Click on the image for the full view. seal stamp of yours truly


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